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To provide fire exits to Americans, now inhaling the smoke-filled air we are all breathing today. Reclaim America Now provides the ideas and shows how to transition from the 'road to fascism,' refinding the firm ground of freedom through local communities, individual rights and accountability using the best in human innovation and collaboration.  

See my presidential campaign at Pillsbury-Foster4President.  We will escape the ugly machinations of  'Greedville.'


First. Notice the smoke. Second, leave the theater of the absurd, exiting to the fresh air of freedom.

Second. Eliminate divisions, Right - Left It daily grows more obvious to all Americans R – L, that rhetoric is not enough. In fact, rhetoric all too often is confused with actions providing working solutions.

Third. Transition from the chutes to the slaughterhouse to local control directly in the hands of the people. Action is needed to build a new infrastructure for use by all Americans. Energy, transportation, education, value exchange (money), communications, information, health, housing, legal, food, and more are included in these. Additionally, these must be user friendly and dispersed into the hands of the people directly in smaller community groups which allow ideas to be beta tested before broader adoption. 

Remember: Changing fascism for freedom is an act of will which happens then the many are desperate enough to charge for the fire exit through the smoke and mirrors, even if trampling the booted thugs standing in the way becomes unavoidable. 


Greedville – The 1% whose avaricious tendencies and lack of morals and ethical limitations resulted in the ugly behavior which tainted the 20th Century.